Concession Stand & Fun Game Rentals

What would an event be like without the sight, smell, and taste of “Fun” foods? Boring! Whether it brings back memories of yesterday or creates memories for today’s youth, our fun food machines & supplies will add that extra flare to your special event. Our concession stand rentals are the perfect entertainment. Carnival-style tasting popcorn still warm from the popper; fluffy, sweet, sticky cotton candy on a stick; refreshing, ice-cold snow cones and delicious hot dogs were all invented for special events.

All of our concessions stand rentals come standard with supplies for 50 guest.

 Cotton Candy Machine 


Our cotton candy machine features a large bowl with cover guard and cone shelf holder. All supplies are ready to go and includes enough for 50 guest. Best of all, this versatile unit works with hard candy, sugar-free hard candy or flossing sugar, so the flavor combinations are endless.

 Sno-Kone Machine 


Take the refreshing snow-kone treats where they need to be with one of our machines. The snow-kone cart will be the hit of every party! Add ice to the shaving arm and turn the unit on, watch as the deluxe shaving system transforms ice into a delicious cold treat. Make your own scrumptious slushes and party drinks right at home. It’s super easy and fast. Shaves enough ice for 4 cones in 30 seconds. This rental includes supplies for 50 guest.

Popcorn Machine


Instantly upgrade your party at home with this commercial grade popcorn machine. With a whimsical red color with charming gold detailing. Create a vintage look at your event with this quirky popcorn popper kettle. With a kernel measuring cup and oil measuring spoon included, you can pop consistently mouth-watering popcorn every time. This large-capacity kettle makes 10 cups of delicious popcorn per batch, so it’s a great option for entertaining friends and family at home. Use it as a centerpiece for kids’ parties and informal gatherings, or treat yourself to a cup of fresh popcorn while enjoying a night in with your favorite movie.

 Spin Art 


Adults and children can have fun doing spin art. Simply add by drops, your favorite bright colors of paint onto the spinning pedestal to create beautiful designs. Spin art is a huge hit at birthday parties, block parties, and family get-togethers.

Air Dancers


These wacky wild inflatable arm flailing tube man are eye catching and will get your party noticed!! Air Dancers are the ideal size for backyards, parks and recreation centers (kids love to watch Air Dancers move).

 Big Time Splash 


  • Sharp Looking.  Its vivid, colorful graphics draw lots of attention.
  • Reliable and Simple to Operate.
  • It uses a standard garden hose.
  • Fun for Everyone.  The Big Splash creates a fun event which is inclusive of all. Anyone who can sit under the bucket can participate.
  • A Perfect Fund-Raiser.  Pastors, teachers, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, coaches — just about anyone is willing to get wet for a good cause.

 Bean Bag Toss 


For next level competition inside or in the backyard, bean bag toss is a game for the entire family. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 years old or 80 years old. Just about anyone can play. It’s great for parties, special events, tailgating, or just for some fun in the backyard to get your family out of the house. It’s easy to learn and can be challenging at any skill level. You and your opponent alternate throwing the 8 bags which almost always results in some humorous situations and/or precise throwing strategies at the higher skill levels of play.


can jam

The KanJam Ultimate Disc Game is fun, fun, fun, and even more fun. Parties have never been as exciting as they are with the KanJam. This game is so simple, anyone can play.